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Gavin’s “Rampage of Appreciation” to Attract More Health, Wealth & Happiness…

I wrote this down recently and I read it out loud in the mornings. Sometimes as I read it, I improvise and do what Abraham Hicks calls a “Rampage of Appreciation”…

The more you talk about your vision and the things you are happy for, the more energy you will start getting… the more excited you will become and the happier and more joyful you will feel…

Seriously, this is the work.

It is all a Mind Game… and if you can somehow find a way to be satisfied with where you are at right now in your life, even if things are not going at you expected… then gradually over time you will start to feel happier within yourself

The big problem is that most of us… (me included) is that we think we cannot be happy until we achieve / get something, or until something else happens.

We don't say it out loud, but deep down, we are thinking… “I do not like the situation I am currently in, and I am not happy. In fact, I will be happy when X happens…

X might be…

  • you think you will be happier when you get more money…
  • or you think you will be happier when you get a bigger home…
  • or you think you will be happier when you have a successful business…
  • or you think you will be happier when you get a partner…
  • or you think you will be happier when your partner or children change…
  • or you think you will be happier next week when you are on holiday…

Always denying the NOW. The PRESENT moment…

So, by doing a Rampage of Appreciation each day and looking at all the things you ARE happy for in your life right now… gradually you will become happier NOW and TODAY no matter what your life circumstances are.

Most of the problems in our lives could be solved by changing our perspective about them and not making them or us wrong…

The more we push against something, the more it fights back.

When we just ACCEPT what is, and look for the perfection in what is happening now, we eliminate resistance…

And when you eliminate resistance, you become happier…


Here's A Rampage Of Appreciation I Wrote…

Please Note: This is not perfect, the words are jumbled up a bit however you get the idea. And I just improvise around it.

If you spend just FIVE (5) minutes per day… maybe in your Miracle Morning Routine talking about how you want your life to look and be in the future and also appreciating how it is now… then you will get EXCITED and will become to allow the JOY and HAPPINESS to flow right now…


I am so happy and grateful for everything I have in my life right now and I’m incredibly excited and joyful at the wonderful things I am manifesting each day.

Each morning, when I wake up I look for more and more reasons to feel good. I find many different ways to enjoy my life and to feel happy and joyful unconditionally.

I am a deliberate creator, I am always in the flow. I am always creating easily. Money flows to me easily and effortlessly from known and unknown sources.

I am now earning over X AMOUNT per month from my online businesses and I receive income effortlessly from multiple different sources, and in multiple different amounts every single day.

I now use this money and positive energy which I receive to create more exciting experiences in my life and my families life, and to impact and help more people around the world.

I enjoy the little things in my life from waking up early in the morning, meditating often, exercising, my miracle morning, spending time with my family, reading, making and eating breakfast, building my business, creating my future deliberately and developing my Chi energy.

I am becoming more and more aware of the present moment and I’m living my life in the now.

Every moment I’m becoming more and more aligned with my higher being and I’m happy, having fun, and enjoying myself now.

I love my family. I love spending time with them. I love the fun we have together.

I love and appreciate our beautiful home where we have fun, relax and create memories with my family.

I am always in the right place at the right time… and everything is always working out for me.

Thank you for everything I have right now.

Thank you for everything that is coming to me right now.

Thank you to my higher being which I am aligned with perfectly. I am allowing the creativity and ideas to flow which enables me to create products and services my customers need to help them in their own lives.

Thank you to all my customers and partners who send me money every single day in varying amounts in return for what I create and deliver to them.

Thank you for all the money that flows to me daily which allows us to pay our mortgage to live in our beautiful home.

Thank you for all the money that flows to me daily which allows us to heat our home and live comfortably.

Thank you for all the money that flows to me daily which allows me to pay my taxes which contribute to a thriving society and makes a difference in other people’s lives.

Thank you for all the money that flows to me daily which allows us to pay for our water for us to drink, and shower with.

Thank you for all the money that flows to me daily which allows us eat the foods that we love and want.

Thank you for all the money that flows to me daily which allows Pippa, Ben, Lottie and myself take part in the activities and hobbies we want to each week.

Swimming, violin lessons, rugby tots, Tai Chi and various other activities which we love to do.

Thank you for all the money that flows to me daily which allows us to travel the world, see beautiful cities and countries and experience the diverse cultures of the world.

Thank you for the money that flows to me daily which allows us to buy the products and services and pay the companies which provide services to us to make our life amazing.

Thank you for the income I receive every single day from multiple places for the value I create and put out into the market place…

I know that as I receive energy and ideas from me being aligned with my higher being, I am able to create products and services and impact other people’s lives which in turn inspires, encourages and motivates them to make a difference in more people’s lives.

I am truly powerful. I have an abundance of energy. I am always in the flow.


YOU can use this for yourself if you want. Just change a few words to suit you.

It doesn't need to be true right now, it just needs to be what you want your life to look like in the future…

When you spend 5 minutes each day talking this out loud, look for any resistance inside of yourself, or any negativity when you say it.

If you find resistance, then change the words slightly to closer reflect your current reality until the resistance / negative though goes away…

I hope you LOVE it 🙂

Remember, this is a journey and I'm with you every step of the way…

~ Gavin

P.S. You are welcome to SHARE this with your friends or team mates or anybody you feel may benefit from these words 🙂

P.P.S. Feel free to leave a quick comment below to let me know your thoughts on this… It may be very different to anything you've ever heard before!

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  1. A great example of a positive daily routine Gavin. Thanks!

  2. Hmm it appears like your blog ate my first comment (it was extremely long)
    so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I submitted and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.
    I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to everything.
    Do you have any points for beginner blog writers? I’d genuinely appreciate it.

  3. Thanks so much for this gavin very helpfulll

  4. Hi Gavin,

    Above all things you are absolutely right! In the last few years I have struggled with “confidence issues” and there is no doubt that having now begun to master my emotions I feel much more in control of my well-being. I don’t let people get me down anymore – I feel above all that. Of course I respect others’ points of view but when they try to influence me in a way I don’t want to be, I just ignore it and move on!
    I am now much happier in my own skin and will read your “Rampage of Appreciation” daily and amend it to suit my situation. Thanks Gavin.

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