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Total Recruiting Mastery – Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon, MLSP L6 Leader & Hall of Fame Member, is a powerhouse prospector and recruiter, and was the #1 earner in his previous MLM venture. Ray's prospecting course, ‘Total Recruiting Mastery,' is the recruiting product if you are serious about making more money in your business. The product will …

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Mobile Leads Pro – Jesse Jameson

Imagine being able to get dirt-cheap, red-hot, laser-targeted leads for your business through FaceBook without your prospects having to enter any information into your web form… Welcome to the NEW FaceBook mobile lead generation ads! Over the past 2 years, Jesse Jameson has run nearly $2M in advertising on FaceBook …

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Twist Your List – Diane Hochman

Diane Hochman, MLSP L6 Leader & Hall of Fame Member, has been able to DOMINATE the industry with a list of only 4,500 e-mail subscribers. If you think you need to build a list of fifty-thousand people to earn a very healthy full-time income, you are mistaken. ‘Twist Your List' …

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Ultimate Lead Gen Formula – Mark Harbert

This course is all about LEAD-GENERATION including sales funnels and follow-up to extract as much profit from your marketing efforts as possible. Mark Harbert is one of MLSP's in-house lead-generation specialists, and this course can help anyone (newbie and veteran alike) start to rake in 30+ quality leads per day …

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FB Advertising Pro – Jesse Jameson

Created by Jesse Jameson, MLSP's in house traffic specialist and FaceBook genius, this course will get you traffic and leads from Facebook in 24 hours (or less) even if you're brand new and never created a FaceBook ad before. This course includes EVERYTHING you need to know about creating a …

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