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The 10-Day Content Creation Sprint Guidelines

If you're taking part in our 10-Day Content Creation Sprint starting Wednesday 1st Feb, then here are some guidelines to help you with your sprint!

Your goal will be to create a minimum of 10 pieces of content in 10 days and post them on Social Media… (A minimum of one per day)

It can be:

Anything you want…

You can also post anywhere you'd like…

  • Your Facebook Profile
  • Your Facebook Group
  • Your Facebook Fan page
  • Any other Social Media Channel
  • Your Blog
  • Etc

Here's the post I just shared on Facebook…

The dates of this 10-Day Sprint will be 1st February to 10th February and all you need to do is this:

1. Read my daily blog post teaching you about one of the 10 Core Skills for Online Network Marketing Success and take some notes… (I'll post it the day before)

2. Create one (1) piece of content based on what you learned or something your audience will be interested in and post it on Facebook / Social Media…

3. Leave a short comment below the daily fan page post about what the content you've created is and TAG your profile, group or page you've posted your content on… using the @ Symbol…

(Then we can click the link you've tagged and find the content you posts… plus you'll get more leads and prospects this way…)

If I get time, I might critique some of your content to help you create more compelling content next time 🙂

That's it… it's pretty simple.

It will give you a FOCUS for 10 days…

It will give you a goal and outcome to achieve…

Then all you do is go to work each day to hit your goal…

That's pretty easy isn't it?

My question to you is, can you stick to something for 10 days and do what you say you're going to do?

Over 50 people are taking part in this first sprint… and it's going to be fun and very rewarding!

~ Gavin Mountford

P.S. You are welcome to SHARE this with your friends or team mates or anybody you feel may benefit from these 10-Day Sprints ?

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